Masterplan New Ennerveld


Urban design for recreational park, 1.8 ha/ 21 ha, National Park “De Veluwe”, The Netherlands












Holiday Park New Ennerveld


The New Ennerveld master plan weaves architecture, landscape and infrastructure together to create a unique environment for ecology and recreation in the north-eastern corner of the Veluwe nature reserve. The 21 hectare site is a former camping and recreation centre and landfill that will be transformed into holiday residences, reception, restaurant and a protected environment for flora and fauna.
The linear organisation makes optimal use of the specific qualities of the forest and the beautiful views over the sand excavation. The built programme consists of a variety of holiday housing types and a reception building with a restaurant and a spa. The forest houses are focused on the extensive landscape of the forest to the South and the intensive resort landscape to the North. The panorama dwellings and reception building are situated on the edge of the natural amphitheatre and forest. They offer a breath-taking view over the nature of the former landfill with its own unique microclimate and vegetation within the nature reserve.
Efficient use of space through the strategic positioning of connected residential units and clustered parking allows for a large part of the former camping area to be turned back into high quality nature. This also ensures a commercially viable development that will boost the local economy of the surrounding area. The master plan is the result of an intensive process in which all stakeholders including clients, municipalities, province and nature conservation organisations were actively involved in creating a unique environment that integrates recreation and nature.



Team: Majka Mikulska, Edwin Larkens, Philip Vencken, Magnus Weightman, Matteo Talarico, Alberto Nanni, Nicolette Marzovilla
Status: planning permission granted, completion 2024



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