Green Diamond


Restaurant, greenhouse & supporting facilities, 3925 sqm, Hverfjall Volcano, Iceland





Green Diamond

The diamond-like super-structure combines a greenhouse and public functions. The building turns towards the big view, with the viewing line forming a crack through the volume that divides the high-tech greenhouse from the public functions.
The entrance is located at a high point of the hill, from there the base plateau detaches from the ground and hoovers above the ground offering spectacular views of the landscape. All the services and technical spaces are located in a compact, mystical, reflective volume underneath it. The outdoor public route guides the visitors via the entrance square, along the translucent greenhouse on one side and glazed shop and restaurant on the other, towards the big open viewing deck, a public square, which terraces down and reconnects with the landscape. A place to enjoy the view, the fresh air, the sun and a good cup of coffee.
The Green Diamond Shop is located on the entrance square. Here you can purchase the vegetables grown in the greenhouse and find other products and services from local companies.
The Green Diamond Restaurant, the multi-functional Green Diamond Hall and the staff entrance share a generous common foyer at the end of the entrance square where all the groups of users cross ways and interact.
The Green Diamond Hall is oriented towards the hill. It has an meditative, intimate atmosphere, dramatic views of the drop in the landscape and a direct and tactile experience of the outdoors. The fold-able wall allows the space to merge with restaurant and foyer during big events as weddings, Midsummer or New Year’s parties, exhibitions and festivals.
The Green Diamond Restaurant gently steps down towards the spectacular view of the The Hverfjall Volcano, the Lake Mývatn and the The Mývatn Nature Baths. An open arrangement of tables provides everyone with the breathtaking views. On a warm summer day the south elevation can be opened merging it with the outdoors. Intimate sitting alcoves surrounded by greenery are fitted into the diamond shaped bay windows of the side elevation.
The mirroring aluminum covered box underneath the plateau functions as an engine room for what happens above. It contains all the staff facilities, kitchen, technical spaces for heating and energy installations, climate and humidity control for the greenhouse, storage and waist segregation. The delivery and pick-up trucks can access it via the parking area.


High-tech greenhouse with daylight energy system

The daylight-greenhouse has diffused glass and is equipped with an installation that allows to harvest the excess heat. This system can cover approximately 50% of the heat requirement. In addition, the greenhouse creates an optimal light distribution for the plants, resulting in better quality and more efficient production.
The roof of the daylight-greenhouse is covered with diffused insulated glass with 4 layers of anti-reflection coating with lenses between the double glazing. Directly below the roof there are movable collectors, which consist of black-painted tubes filled with running water. The lenses concentrate the direct sunlight in thin focal lines. Precisely in those lines hang the black-painted tubes, which heat up due to the radiation. The tubes automatically move with the position of the sun. The harvested energy is stored using saltwater batteries. The remaining light is 100% diffused and gives a better light distribution for the plants. As a result, the greenhouse no longer needs a screen installation and requires fewer hours of artificial lighting in the winter.



The standard grid of the galvanized steel structure that serves the greenhouse is used for the entire building. The steel is bolted together allowing it to be reassembled and re-used according to the cradle to cradle principle. The untreated timber used for floor and wall finishes as well as furniture is also fully reusable and minimizes the carbon footprint of the building.
Energy supply is a combination of three systems: geothermic heat pump, solar panels on the roof of the public building and water based heat collectors of the greenhouse. The three systems are supported by buffer systems with saltwater batteries, which allow the building to be self-sufficient.


Team: Majka Mikulska, Edwin Larkens, Jovita Laurukėnaitė, Filippo Gelpi, Paul Geurts, Maciej Krol, Isacco Angelin
Studio Larkemika in collaboration with Most Architecture
Status: competition 2022

Copyright Studio Larkemika & Most Architecture