Residential, 3 terraced houses, 426 sqm, Schiedam, The Netherlands


Under construction. More photos coming soon!

The In Between of the Housing Blocks and the Garden Landscape


The Gardens of Potgieter residential project replaces a rundown industrial warehouse inside a 1920’s city block in Schiedam.


The old adjacent streetscape is a coherent vertical composition of brick walls and tiled roofs and clinker streets. The enclosed gardens on the inside of the block form a varied green landscape with a wide variety of materials and colours subdivided by horizontal lines of fences and sheds. The three new houses and their outdoor spaces are a modern addition that volumetrically sits in between the streetscape and the garden landscape.


The spacious communal entrance garden together with the setbacks in the volume open the hidden interior landscape of the block towards the street. The lightness and the delicate character of the infill is accentuated by vertical segmentation. The volume has a base and a setback upper level that is also detached from the adjacent building. The base is split into a lower part with glass, wood paneling and brick and a stucco upper part.


The typology of the houses is unique in the neighborhood of dense old city blocks. Wide and spacious ground floors with large glass facades can be used as generous open plan living areas and give the opportunity to create an additional bedroom with an ensuite bathroom or an office space with its own entrance.


The new apartment building at the backside of the houses is also a Studio Larkemika project which is called De Graaf (link).


Client: 3K Ontwikkeling
Structural engineer: Brouwer & Kok
Contractor: Remar Bouw
Status: permit granted, under construction, completion 2022
Design team: Majka Mikulska, Edwin Larkens, Matteo Talarico, Alberto Nanni, Sai Chand, Ruta Simutyte

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