De Graaf


Residential, 4 apartments, 380 sqm, Schiedam, The Netherlands






The apartment building De Graaf takes the place of an old dilapidated building with a car repair workshop and apartments. It is situated in the heart of a 1920’s housing area in the Graaf Florisstraat in Schiedam.
The formal language, materials and detailing of the historic neighbourhood with pitched roofs, dormers, balconies and setbacks, brick and rooftiles is reinvented to develop a sculptural monolithic volume. The terraces and large windows on the street side contribute to the lifelines of the street. The new building is a contemporary addition which blends into its historic surroundings.


Three new houses at the backside of the apartment building De Graaf are also a Studio Larkemika project which is called The Gardens of potgieter (link).


Team: Majka Mikulska, Edwin Larkens, Matteo Talarico, Alberto Nanni, Sai Chand, Ruta Simutyte
Client: 3K Ontwikkeling
Structural engineer: Brouwer & Kok
Contractor: Remar Bouw
Status: permit granted, under construction, completion 2021



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