Serene Yoga Pavilion in a Forest in Latvia



The birds greet the dawn as everyone inside is still fast asleep after exploring the beautiful surroundings the day before. When Anna opens her eyes, she gazes at the early morning sunlight descending through the roof window onto the wooden walls of the dorm. The walls shimmer in the light. Quietly she gets up to revel in the magic of this mystical place by herself. She walks across the yoga space where they enjoyed their supper yesterday evening. It is so different during the daytime. Enjoying her cup of tea she senses the warmth of the first morning rays, which filter through the entire cabin. Outside it is still cold. The morning mist delicately lifts from the woodland clearing. When she slides open the large glass doors she can hear the Baltic Sea humming in the distance. She grasps a yoga mat, ready to embark upon the sacred ritual of the sun salutation. A perfect start to a perfect day in a perfect place.

A Yoga House in the Forest

Crossings is a tranquil contemporary yoga pavilion, hostel and event space nested amidst the lush forests of Latvia. Inspired by the surrounding natural beauty and the traditional thatched Latvian house, this concept fosters a deep connection with nature and promotes a serene and immersive yoga experience. A series of spaces gradually flow from extravert outdoor places within the enchanting forest into protected cave like dormitories. Large openings offer breathtaking views of the forest life and allow ample daylight to flood beautifully into the interior. The flexible set up can host a wide range of uses. This sustainable lightweight addition to the forest is a sanctuary for yoga enthusiasts that nurtures well-being and a deep connection between practitioners and their natural surroundings.

Status: Competition 2023, shortlisted
Design team: Jovita LaurukÄ—naitÄ—, Majka Mikulska, Edwin Larkens

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