Budowniczy Office Interior and Shopping Plaza


Office interior and shop entrance, 800 sqm, Szczecin, Poland

























    Ground Floor


1st Floor


2nd Floor





Towards the Shop +


The Budowniczy company desired new building facilities to support the desired company culture and client service. The focus of the company shifted from selling building materials to professional clients to providing a total support service. Through extensive analysis Studio Larkemika and Budowniczy developed an effective and flexible mix of functions and spaces to cater the needs and offer new possibilities for staff and clients ranging from small builders to big contractors. The shop and offices are redeveloped into a place where different professionals come together. It is a central meeting point in the network of the industry.


Environment for Service and Company Culture


The shop and offices deal with a wide range of customers. The different levels of client handling is taken care of in separate zones focused on the needs of specific customer types. The large number of small individual customers need straightforward client care and are given small extra services ranging from education to a builders breakfast for informal meetings. Large contractors are long lasting relations. They are offered extensive facilities ranging from rooms for private one to one client support to large conference spaces for meetings and events.

The back offices focus on the needs of the company employees. The personal workplaces are all part of an open office landscape to stimulate internal communication. Secluded concentration spaces offer everyone a temporary place for extra privacy and help to keep the noise in the open areas to an comfortable level. Meetings take place in areas ranging from boardrooms to informal lounge areas.


The Friendly Machine


Dedicated zones with their specific facilities serve the diverse users groups. They are recognizable by colours and materials. The sharp definition of the different functional zones gives the versatile interior clarity. The environment has a machine like sensation, softly guiding and processing the clients passing through. The raw material quality of the interior fits the character of the company. The used materials are durable and robust like steel and concrete. The materials blend together into a machine of colours, reflections, textures and natural and artificial light.


Team: Majka Mikulska, Edwin Larkens
Client: Budowniczy
Status: completed 2017

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